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Terms & Conditions


These are Core Asset Wealth Management's standard Terms and Conditions.

Core Asset Wealth Managements will be referred to as the Company. Any account of the Client will be referred to as the Client throughout all contractual conditions as detailed and signed by Director or Directors of the Company and confirmed by the client. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Client enters into a binding legal agreement with the Company.

Terms and Conditions shall mean the Core Asset Wealth Management's Terms and Conditions of business governing the action that relates to the execution of the Clients orders. Agreement of alignment policy, Client categorization as well as information published on the company’s website, as may be amended from time-to-time with Client sanction. Company shall mean Core Asset Wealth Management, subsidiaries of and any third-party legal representation, directors, board executives and key company stakeholders, signatories and decision makers.

The Company’s Terms and Conditions provide the foundation on which the Company and Client develop products and services suitable and appropriate to the Client. These Terms and Conditions supersede any other previous agreements and or arrangements, expressed or implied statement by the Company.

The Terms and Conditions will come into place once the prospective Client receives an email that contains confirmation of Account Opening, furnishing of Account Reference Number & Password, Order Confirmation and Banking Instructions pertaining to the appointed Clearing House for said transaction.

Unless indicated to the contrary, the defined terms included in these Terms and Conditions shall have a specific meaning and be used in singular or plural as appropriate. Unless otherwise stated the definition of Terms shall have the same meaning as standard. Authorized Representative shall mean the natural or legal person who is authorized by the Client to act on his/her behalf.

Communications - The Client acknowledges that the Company’s official language is the English language. The Client acknowledges that the Company’s standard form of communication is verbally by telephone with conversations being recorded as well as electronically via email.

Balance shall mean the funds that are available in the Clients account that can be used for Investment Transaction purposes. Balance Currency shall mean the currency that the Client Account is denominated in. It should be noted that all charges including commission are calculated in that currency. Business Day shall mean a day on which the Company is open for business. Client shall mean the natural or legal person who received the email to the in clause contract signed.

Charges shall mean commission at a rate of 1% applied to the entry total of any transaction due and 1% on the total sell value at the time of exit with confirmation being advised to the Client. Entry shall mean the opposite of a transaction of position that is yet to be exited. Equity shall mean the balance plus/minus any profit/loss that derives from holding asset. Exit shall mean the opposite of any entered transaction or position. Value Date shall mean the delivery date of funds. If you decide not to make an investment, there is no charge for our advice. We believe that regular, ongoing advice enables us to ensure that your investment continues to meet your objectives.

The Company offers a full service brokerage advisory. We look to manage your account based on access to most main market exchanges, industry accepted risk-modelling and all market instruments available to Client specifications. The Company will ensure complete suitability to the Client’s needs prior to any investment decision being made.

The Company will thereafter contact the Client in order to outline the Company’s ability to develop an approach which is best suited and most appropriate for the Company and the Clients combined portfolio philosophy.

The Company will provide investment advice which has been expertly sourced and compiled and agreed upon in line with Company philosophy and relating to financial transactions and investment strategies pursued charges and tax benefits.

The Company from time-to-time and as often as appropriate may issue material which contains information including but not limited to the conditions of financial market and economic activities, posted through its website and other media. The Client is responsible for notifying the Company of his or her financial status. The Client is afforded with the highest regulatory protections available. The Company shall at all times conclude the Clients transactions in good faith.

Can I take my money out?

You can make withdrawals from your account whenever you choose if there is a cash balance on account. This can be on a regular basis, for example each month, or on an annual basis. The minimum withdrawal is US$5,000 or currency equivalent.

The amount of tax and charges you pay might depend on the way in which you take money out. The best way will depend on your own circumstances and, before taking money out, you should talk to your Authorized Representative at the Company, who will advise you on your options which will be based on your local tax legislation.

Scope of Authority

Authorized Representatives of the Company are authorized to represent only the Company for the purposes of advising solely on the wealth management products and services available from companies in the Company’s Group. Are there any rights of refusal? - If we think that something you ask us to do might not follow the laws, rules or regulations that apply:

We can delay taking action or refuse to act. We will not be responsible for any losses, costs, claims or expenses that arise if we delay or refuse to act in these circumstances.
Money being transferred into the investment may be held in a separate account whilst we confirm whether or not we can follow your instructions. It will be invested on the date we decide we can follow your instructions.
For money being transferred out of the investment, we may withdraw the money in line with your instruction and hold it in a separate account whilst we confirm whether or not we can make payment to you.

Client Identification and Know Your Client (KYC) Process

The Company is required under Anti Money Laundering and Anti Terrorist Activity to establish the identity of all applicants, beneficiaries, plus some other associated parties such as Trustees and Attorneys, and will verify your identity electronically, against public records through an independent agency. This information will not affect your credit rating.

Data Protection Regulations

The Company are the data controllers of any personal data you provide to us during this review and any personal data you subsequently provide or which is processed in connection with the products and services we provide to you.

We will collect and use your personal data such as your name and contact details, health information, family and lifestyle information, personal assets and liabilities, tax and residency details, financial products already held (e.g. Pension and protection) for the provision of financial advice and services, administration, communication, risk assessments, fraud prevention and other regulatory or legal purposes.

If we need to collect special categories of data (e.g. health information) we will request your consent to do so and clearly explain why we need the data, the implications of not providing the data and what will happen if consent is subsequently withdrawn.

Where you are providing us with personal data about another individual, you will inform them that you are providing their information to us, refer them to our privacy notice and obtain their consent to our use of their special categories of personal data such as health information where we indicate it is required.

For further information on our use of your personal data and your rights, please see the Privacy Policy which can be accessed at https://acg-wealth.com/privacy.html

Should you have any enquiries relating to the personal data that we may hold about you or how your personal data is processed, you can contact our Data Protection Officer, at contact@acg-wealth.com