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Core Asset Wealth Management to lead Venture Capital Funding Rounds for SolarBio Energy

March 30th, 2022 Back To News & Insights

Chile-based SolarBio Energy are now looking at a new round of funding which will be led by the Core Asset Wealth Management team.

The round of funding, which has a target of US $90 Million. Will be allocated towards the purchase of SolarBio’s new production site and equipment installation costs. This round of funding will push SolarBio into new realms of industry with unique research that is revolutionising the industry.

With fund-raising efforts primarily focused at retail & institutional investors it is suggested that SolarBio Energy will receive a heavily increasing amount of funding as news spreads.

“While in the midst of a volatile IPO market, SolarBio has been able to demonstrate to its institutional investors a unique framework of self-governance in addition to government regulations and processes imposed upon the waste and energy industries collectively. ” said Core Asset David Goldstein.

The Core Asset team will be heading this round of funding for SolarBio and have been offering the energy company as as option to add to their portfolios.

“We have seen an amazing amount of interest in SolarBio as it not only speaks to people as a great investment but it appeals to the sustainable side of the market which is vast at the moment.” said Core Asset David Goldstein.

To find out more information about SolarBio Energy you can visit their website at www.solarbioenergy.com

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