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Core Asset Wealth Management Expand It’s Digital Assets Team

February 7th, 2022 Back To News & Insights

Digital Assets Team Expansion

In late 2021 Core Asset made Steven Bastings, a former FinTech specialist who has been at the forefront of emerging financial markets, its new global head of digital assets. Bastings, who is now heading up the Digital Assets Team in South Korea, has a vision for a future in which all of the world’s financial assets reside on electronic ledgers, and activities that today require squadrons of bankers and lawyers like initial public offerings and debt issuances could be largely automated.

Bastings is expanding the digital assets team, doubling its headcount with hires in Asia as part of a renewed strategy to expand the business of its digital assets. The digital assets team will offer expertise and outline important strategies on how Core Asset’s Client Group should pursue digital asset opportunities including new investments and new products.

Core Asset’s latest commitment to hiring more staff comes at a time when the major banks across the globe are increasingly looking for ways to expand into the volatile crypto-asset markets. Amid rising interest in cryptocurrencies, JPMorgan Chase, the top largest US Bank, set up an actively managed Bitcoin fund for wealthy clients as a move to offer some of its clients what they want.

“With regulations ever changing and evolving, we have seen a massive surge in clients asking about digital assets. A lot of our existing client base are already involved with cryptocurrency and are keen to see how we will approach this ever changing landscape. With the new expert staff at Core Asset Wealth Management that are dedicated to providing knowledge and advise in the crypto field we are sure that we can meet our clients needs.” said Bastings

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