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From zoom to boom in the financial sector for Core Asset Wealth Management

December 13th, 2021 Back To News & Insights

From zoom to boom in the financial sector

After participating in financial management Zoom meetings in Q3 & Q4 2020, as well as holding on-line conferences in early 2021. Financial analysts from Core Asset Wealth Management are now letting their advisor's pass the hottest tips for 2022 down to their clients.

Financial Analyst Ha-rin Son represented Core Asset Wealth Management during the 2020 FMA virtual Conference held from the 19-23 October 2020. The FMA Virtual Conference brought together academicians and practitioners with interests in financial decision-making and provided a forum for presenting new research and discussing current issues in financial management and related topics. 

It wasn’t long after that Ha-rin began to hold his own Zoom conferences with some of the leading financial analysts from around the world. One of the most successful Zoom conferences held was the Q2 2021 FAFORI (Financial Advice For Organic Resource Investing) Virtual Conference.

The conference highlighted the changes in the energy sector for moving away from the use of fossil fuels and into a more sustainable 21st century solution. With focuses on lithium based mining and high end companies such as Tesla, Brookfield Renewable Partners, SolarBio Energy & Panasonic.

After almost 2 years of conferences and on-line meetings Core Asset Financial analysts are now letting their top agents such as Paul Walton (Head of Private Equity) & David Goldstein (Head of Venture Capital) pass the hottest tips for 2022 down to their clients and junior advisor's. One company with an great, upcoming IPO is SolarBio Energy and clients are becoming more and more excited with its possibilities.

SolarBio Energy are experts in Lithium and are one of the fastest-growing companies in the specialty chemicals business. SolarBio Energy is able to execute an ambitious growth strategy because of its unique natural resource position, derivatization capabilities, and technological leadership.

David Goldstein, Head of Venture Capital said “We are in very exciting times with the changes in the energy sector. There are some impressive opportunities for our clients to sink their teeth into.”

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