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Core Asset Wealth Management excited as Gogoro list on the NASDAQ as GGR

April 27th, 2021 Back To News & Insights

Core Asset Wealth Management excited as Gogoro list on the NASDAQ as GGR

Battery swap company Gogoro Inc (NASDAQ: GGR) went public at the beginning of April via SPAC merger with Poema Global Holdings Corp. The Taiwan-based electric scooter hopes to raise $335 million after the operation. GGR stock reached a high of $17.59 on April 5 and the innovative company is set for high growth in the next two years that might deliver robust gains.

According to Research, the electric scooter market value is forecasted to grow at a fast pace in the next years, reaching a value of $644.5 billion by 2028 and delivering a compound annual growth rate of 29.4%. While these figures will please GGR’s shareholders, any growth sluggishness will be penalized by market participants. Moreover, with this rapid top-line growth, GGR is estimated to break even in 2023, turning an expected profit of $2.47 million.

Gogoro is focused on enabling battery swap capabilities for two-wheeled vehicles. More than 500 million vehicles with two wheels travel from point A to point B in Asia each day, which accounts for half of the global urban commute miles that are traveled on a daily basis.

Understanding The Opportunity

Gogoro's business model is unique. The company's battery swap technology allows people to move through cities in smarter and more sustainable ways. When Gogoro entered the Taiwanese market in 2015, only 1% of vehicles sold were made by Gogoro, but that number climbed to roughly 12% last year.

By not including the battery in the purchase equation, Gogoro is able to help consumers make a more affordable switch to electric vehicles, he said. The battery swap ability also creates more flexibility. Gogoro's battery swap stations are more like ATM machines than traditional gas stations.

"They're placed in bus stops, convenience stores, supermarkets, parking lots, underneath apartment buildings," said the Gogoro CEO Horace Luke . "It's kind of like a pass-by location instead of a destination like gas stations."

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